AC Duct Cleaning

Did you know? According to the EPA, the air you breathe in your home can be up to 20 times dirtier than the outside air. In today’s newer, airtight homes, indoor air quality is a growing issue. Most common household dust contains mites, mildew, pollen and animal dander. Many of these contaminants are circulated through your air conditioning system and can aggravate the symptoms of asthma and allergies.

With the help of the advanced Rotobrush air duct cleaning system, Sansone can help improve your quality of life by reducing the levels of dirt, mold, dust mites, pollen, and other contaminants inside your home.

Do I Need to Have My Air Conditioning Ducts Cleaned?

Unlike typical maintenance on your air conditioning unit, there is no recommended timeframe to have your air ducts cleaned — but many of our customers choose to do so once every five years. After this amount of time, enough buildup of dust and debris can begin to affect your air quality and your system’s peak efficiency.

Schedule Your AC Duct Cleaning Service

Below is a list of questions to help determine if you need your AC ducts cleaned:

– Did you just move into a new home?

– Are your asthma issues or allergies getting worse when inside your home?

– Do you have black streaks, dirt, or dust forming around your AC grilles?

– Have you done any recent remodeling or construction in your home?

– Have you had any recent fire or smoke damage?

– Do you have an unexplained smell in your house?

– Has your home had a rodent problem in the attic?

– Have you recently purchased a new air conditioning system?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, contact us today to schedule your duct cleaning appointment and get back to breathing healthy, safe and fresh air.