Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know dirty dryer vents are the leading cause of household fires? In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, dryers account for more than 15,000 household fires each year.

Over time, lint and other debris builds up within the hose and vent duct of your dryer, causing backup exhaust and an increased potential for a fire. Fortunately, reducing your risk of a dryer fire in your home is simple when your dryer is professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

5 Signs Your Dryer Vent Needs to Be Cleaned

1. Your clothes take more than one cycle to dry

Do your clothes seem to need more time than usual to dry? While towels and thicker linens may require a longer drying cycle, this shouldn’t ring true for each load. If your clothes take more than one cycle to dry, it’s likely because your dryer vent is clogged. Dryers are designed to push hot, moist air from your dryer to the outside of your home — but when your dryer vent is clogged, the air has a difficult time escaping. Not only is this potentially dangerous, but it puts serious wear and tear on your investment.

2. Your clothing is extremely hot when it comes out of the dryer

There’s nothing like curling up with a warm blanket fresh from the dryer, but your freshly-dried items shouldn’t be extremely hot! If you notice your garments are very hot (or that the dryer itself is hot to the touch), it’s a sign that your appliance is not exhausting correctly.

3. The vent hood flap won’t properly open

Take a look at the hooded vent flap. Can you see lint or debris around the dryer hose or outside the vent opening? If so, this is a giveaway that there is excessive build up within your dryer vent and it needs to be cleaned.

4. Your dryer smells like it’s burning

When working efficiently, your dryer should remove excess lint from the exhaust tube. However, as your dryer vent becomes clogged over time, lint can build up within the exhaust tube, lint trap and drum casing. Lint is extremely flammable, so it will often create a distinct odor as it burns off. If you notice a burning odor coming from your dryer, turn it off and don’t use it until you have it inspected by a professional.

5. Your dryer vent hasn’t been cleaned in a year or more

For good measure, your dryer vent needs to be cleaned at least once each year. If yours has not, schedule your dryer vent cleaning as soon as possible.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Palm Beach and Broward County

It doesn’t take much time for lint and other debris to build up within your dryer vent. That’s why it’s so important to have your dryer vent cleaned at least once per year by a professional. At Sansone, we service all makes and models of dryers at our Palm Beach and Broward County locations. Our dryer vent cleaning services will greatly improve the efficiency, reliability and most importantly, safety, of your dryer.

If you answered yes to one or more of the five signs above, contact us today schedule your dryer vent cleaning appointment!

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