How to Replace a Toilet Flapper

Within your toilet tank is a small, hinged flap valve. While this may look like a simple piece of plastic and soft rubber (it is), it has an important job to do. The flapper is connected by a chain hanging down from the flush handle lever. Thanks to this small component, you can flush your toilet with ease.

Over time however, the flapper will break down and need to be replaced. While replacing the flapper is inexpensive and easy, it’s important it’s installed correctly so your toilet works as it should.

How to Replace a Toilet Flapper in 5 Steps

If your flapper is ready to be replaced, our easy five-step guide will walk you through the process.

Step 1. Turn off the water. Turn off the water to your toilet by closing the shutoff valve. This should be located on the water supply line leading to the toilet. Turn the valve handle clockwise until it stops. Drain the tank entirely by flushing the toilet.

Step 2. Remove the old flapper. Carefully disconnect the flapper chain from the flush handle lever. There will typically be a small clip on the top end of the chain that hooks into one of the holes on the handle lever. Simply undo this clip and let the chain drop. Next, slip the side ears of the flapper off of the pegs coming from the side of the flush valve tube.

Step 3. Get the new flapper ready. How you will set up the new flapper is based on your toilet’s design. The majority of toilets are configured to have the flapper attached to the red pegs on the sides of the flush valve tubes. If this is how your toilet is configured, cut off the ring on the back of the new flapper and discard it. If your flush valve doesn’t have the side pegs, you will use the ring provided with the new flapper.

Step 4. Install the new flapper. Now it’s time to install the new flapper. Simply put the new flapper into place and hook each of the ears of the flapper onto the pegs located on the flush valve. Next, connect the flapper chain onto the handle lever. You may have to adjust the chain length. Once the handle lever is in the resting position, the chain should be relaxed. Be sure the chain isn’t too tight or the flapper may not close all the way. On the other hand, if the chain has too much slack, it can get caught and prevent it from dropping down.

Step 5. Turn the water back on.

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