How to Use a Toilet Auger

Clogged toilet? Already tried using a plunger to no avail? No problem. With a few minutes of your time and a toilet auger, even the most inexperienced homeowners can fix their plumbing woes. Read on to learn how to use an auger to fix your clogged toilet.

What’s the Difference Between a Toilet Snake and an Auger?

While it’s possible to clear a toilet clog with a snake, it’s easy to leave disfiguring scratches at the bottom of your toilet. An auger, on the other hand, won’t scratch your toilet and is just as easy to use. An auger is a flexible cable that is fed into the toilet drain using a hand crank. The head of the auger is sturdy and can effectively dislodge tough clogs.

How to Unclog Your Toilet With an Auger in 4 Steps

Step 1. Insert the toilet auger cable. Start by pulling the auger handle up so that the end of the cable is close to the bottom curved end of the auger tube. The curved elbow allows you to easily feed the cable into the toilet while the plastic covering prevents the appliance from scratching your toilet.

Step 2. Crank the auger handle. Crank the auger handle by using one hand to hold the appliance in place and the other to crank. Gently work the cable into the toilet drain. Be sure to do this slowly because too much force can cause the cable to double back on itself.

Step 3. Keep cranking the auger until the cable is all the way into the toilet. You may find that you need to rotate the direction of the cranking motion to do this.

Step 4. Rotate the handle and pull backward to remove the auger out of the toilet. Dry the auger and store it away.

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This simple four-step guide should clear a stubborn clog in your toilet. If this process doesn’t work, the clog may be too far to reach without the help of a professional plumber. At Sansone, our team of professional plumbers provides quick and efficient plumbing services to South Florida homeowners and beyond. If you have a stubborn clog that you can’t repair yourself, we can get the job done. Call us today to learn more about own services or to schedule your appointment online.

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