Ultravation UltraMax UV Light

Ultravation UltraMAX EZUV air treatment systems for HVAC are specially designed to harness the power of UV light to create healthier indoor air for your entire home

Natural ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun keeps airborne microorganisms under control outdoors. EZUV kills airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens and keeps the interior surfaces of your HVAC system free of mold and other biogrowth. This means you’ll have healthier air, and a more efficient HVAC system that uses less energy! And, EZUV can reduce—often eliminate— expensive chemical coil cleanings. So you’ll save energy and cleaning expenses while helping protect the environment!

Cleans the air of germs, allergies—and odors

An UltraMAX™ EZUV™ air treatment system is an economical yet effective way to automatically clean the air of unwanted germs, allergens and odors.

  • Install in new HVAC systems to keep them running like new.
  • Install in problematic HVAC systems to reduce biological contamination and make the air healthier.
  • Generates no ozone.
  • Connects directly to home wiring, models available for 24, 110 or 240 VAC operation.

Saves Energy with UltraMAX EZUV™

Keeps your HVAC system running at top efficiency by keeping cooling coils cleaner — UltraMAX EZUV keeps the coil free of mold and other bio-growth. UltraMAX EZUV can easily save more energy than it consumes!


Best Warranty

The UltraMAX EZUV system is covered by a best-in-industry ten year warranty. (see warranty statement for complete details).  And you save money and the environment when you use your UV lamps for their maximum two-year life span (Please note: for people with respiratory conditions or other acute sensitivities, we still recommend annual lamp changes).